Concept BBM

Concept BBM offers packaging and thermoforming solutions, as well as displays, to match your business objectives. Since 1991, we have been meeting retail sales needs for a wide range of clients.

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Packaging, Thermoforming and Displays

Our turnkey packaging and thermoforming services are designed to simplify your marketing efforts. Moreover, all the steps in the design of our cardboard and plastic displays are done in-house, right up to quality control. Thus with our advanced equipment, you’ll be able to reduce your assembly, packaging and thermoforming costs.

Our family business distinguishes itself through its personalized service, its experience and its efficiency. Discover your packaging partner, where quality and speed of execution will help you meet your objectives: Concept BBM.

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Green Commitment

Concept BBM is committed to incorporating a large amount of recycled materials into its designs. Displays, packaging and thermoforming products are manufactured from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) whenever possible.

Complete Packaging Services

For more information, browse through our wide range of services :

  • Cardboard and plastic packaging
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Thermoforming
  • Floor displays
  • Counter displays
  • Cardboard displays
  • Plastic displays
  • Trays for wholesale-club type stores
  • Clamshell or blisterpack sealing
  • 3-D graphic design
  • Assembly and handling
  • Merchandising