About us

Concept BBM

For your packaging needs, displays and thermoformed products, choose a recognized leader for a customized approach such as ours. From graphic design through to handling, we’re at your side when it comes to the marketing and merchandising of your consumer goods.

Concept BBM has been offering complete packaging services since 1991. Our family business designs thermoformed products, cardboard and shrink-wrap packaging, and high quality displays.

Our clients come from a wide range of fields. Whether it’s for electrical appliances, tools, or accessory items such as toys, we can offer customized packaging solutions.

Ecological Awareness

Concept BBM considers the use of recyclable materials a priority. Some thermoformed products, displays and packaging are made from recycled and recyclable plastic.

Contact one of our representatives to learn more about our packaging solutions that respect the environment.

Reaching Your Business Objectives

Our goal is to accompany you in reaching your business objectives. To this end, we learn about your needs and focus on the success of your merchandising efforts. We suggest winning solutions, and we can adapt them to your budget.

Explore the services offered by Concept BBM, and find which ones your project needs.