Blisterpack and Clamshell Sealing

Blisterpack and Clamshell Sealing

Blisterpack and Clamshell Sealing

Affordable, Durable Techniques

Concept BBM ensures the quality of the various sealing techniques for clamshells and blisterpacks. These durable packaging options, partially or totally welded using different techniques such as heat, pressure or spot sealing, offer greater resistance and strength.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by our customized service, which provides you with high-quality clamshell or blisterpack sealing. With access to existing dies that can be adapted to a wide variety of packaging options, you can reduce your tooling costs.

Find out here how Concept BBM’s expertise will help you reach your marketing goals.

Custom Solutions

Based on our extensive know-how, we design unique sealing dies to match your needs. We are thus able to create a customized packaging model that reflects your product. Moreover, your clamshell or blisterpack seals can be modified for any new marketing project. As much as we can, we use recycled materials at every stage of the process.

Promoting Your Product

The technique for sealing clamshells or blisterpacks provides excellent protection, during transportation to stores and on the shelves. The packaging can also be moulded and perforated for hanging displays in heavy traffic areas and at points of sale.

The team at Concept BBM offers you customized sealing solutions. Ask for an estimate now.