Cardboard and plastic packaging

Cardboard and plastic packaging

Cardboard and plastic packaging

Turnkey Packaging Solutions

Our cardboard and plastic packaging is designed with the best materials to enhance your products. Moreover, our packaging solutions offer the best protection, because they are more difficult to unwrap
than the usual cardboard or plastic packaging, thus reducing the risk of adulteration and shoplifting.

Robustness and Durability

Created especially for wholesale-club type stores, our packaging products combining cardboard and plastic are extremely strong and very robust. This means that several tiers of products can be piled on the same pallet or the same display.

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Ecological = Economical

In our continuing efforts on the environmental front, our company uses as much recycled or recyclable material as possible. Our packaging may therefore consist of rigid cardboard and recycled polymer. A cardboard and plastic assembly is therefore an excellent alternative solution to packaging made solely from PVC.

With the aim of providing an ever-more competitive service, Concept BBM also offers the option of pre-defined sealing moulds for different packaging models. This offers savings in production and tooling costs, so that you benefit from better prices AND higher quality packaging.

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