Displays, Merchandisers, boxes etc…

Displays, Merchandisers, boxes etc…

Displays, Merchandisers, boxes etc… Displays, Merchandisers, boxes etc…

Custom Displays

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by our personalized service for designing and manufacturing custom cardboard and plastic displays. Concept BBM is able to design display dies to match your specific needs, starting at the 3-D graphic design phase.

In designing any display, the team at Concept BBM proposes the solution best suited to your needs. You may therefore opt for an entirely custom-made display, or assess the various production stages with us.

Request an estimate for the design of a die here.

Competitive Prices

By means of its approach, Concept BBM is able to offer its clients displays at extremely competitive prices, with no reduction in quality. Key to this offer is our understanding of your needs in regard to marketing.

We know how to adapt to your expectations and your budget. Several solutions will therefore be presented to you, always with the aim of keeping your production costs to a minimum.

On this page, you’ll find a wide range of models of our displays and boxes. To learn more about our existing dies, please contact us at 450 979-9040.

Large Selection of Displays and Boxes

Our goal is to offer customized service and ever-competitive prices, and so Concept BBM adapts to the needs of its clients. You may choose from among our many display and box dies, or request an entirely new, custom-made die.

Recycled materials are a priority for all these products. Please ask for an estimate for the design or the re-use of a die.

Cardboard Products

  • Countertop displays
  • Floor displays
  • CD or DVD displays
  • Stackable displays with dividers
  • Boxes
  • Storage trays
  • Dump bins
  • False bottoms

Plastic Products

  • Countertop displays
  • Sidekicks