Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping

Product Packaging

Shrink-wrapping is the ideal solution for your packaging needs. Offered in various gauges and in varying degrees of transparency, this popular technique combines the best presentation method with robustness and impermeability.

The shrink-wrap packaging method is one of the favourite ways used to capitalize on and protect consumer goods. Concept BBM offers you the freedom to choose a single, complete method of sealing or a combined method using a PVC sleeve.

To support its green commitment, our company uses transparent, recycled, polyolefin shrink-wrap that is heat-moulded into shape. The shrink-wrap takes on the shape of a multitude of products, such as electrical appliances, tools, toys and books.

Please contact us for an estimate for your shrink-wrapping needs.

Specialized Machinery

Thanks to our high-speed equipment and our range of competitive products and services, the team at Concept BBM is able to guarantee reliable, rapid results while meeting strict industry standards. Your packaging projects will be carried out through all steps from 3-D graphic design through to merchandising.

Our family business sets itself apart from the competition with its customized service, its experience and its efficiency. Contact Concept BBM without delay to find the ideal solution for all your shrink-wrapping needs.