Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming

Thermoforming: high-speed moulding

Concept BBM uses high-speed thermoforming equipment to mould PVC. Materials such as PVC, polystyrene and in particular, PET, can be recycled. Thermoforming is the ideal method for your packaging needs, containers, trays and displays.

One of the main advantages of thermoforming is the speed of production. Moreover, the flexibility of the design process and the simplicity of tooling result in very precise execution, so that the product is ready within just a few weeks.

Packaging Solutions

Thermoforming offers innumerable possibilities for the design and manufacture of clamshell packaging, facilitating marketing opportunities. With our turnkey services, and our customized prototypes and technical drawings, packaging your products has never been easier.

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Modern Equipment

Equipped with digital interfaces, our equipment helps to reduce assembly costs while offering fast lead times. Moreover, all the steps in the thermoforming process are carried out in-house, and this allows you not only to accelerate your marketing efforts, but also to lower your production costs.

In all our thermoforming projects, and at all steps in the process, our goal is to use recycled or recyclable materials.

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