Packaging Solutions


This technique, recognized and appreciated for its speed of execution
and flexibility, offers numerous possibilities: from the modeling of material, such as PVC, polystyrene and sealed PET, recyclable and solderable, to the production of clamshell packaging to facilitate marketing.

With our prototype and customized technical drawing service, your packaging project will be completed fast and easy at very competitive prices.

RF heat sealing

Our family business has perfected the technique of heat and pressure sealing as much for cardboard and plastic packaging as for plastic sealing on plastic or point sealing.

Moreover, the wide choice of ready-to-use matrices and jigs can reduce assembly costs and preparation time while adapting to a wide variety of shapes and types of products.

For more information, consult one of our advisors. Your savings could be substantial.

Shrink packaging

This popular technique is perfect for combining, showcasing and protecting all types of products in an attractive and economical way. It perfectly matches product shape, compact discs, toys, books, bottles, etc.

With Concept BBM, you can choose the option of complete sealing or combined sealing, using a PVC sleeve, for example. Offered in several thicknesses and various degrees of transparency, shrink packaging combines the best presentation method with robustness, impermeability, appeal and economy.

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